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Marines Recruit DEI Advisor

When one thinks about the recruitment efforts of the U.S. Marine Corps, it’s understandable that the image would be one of a young man walking into a recruitment office in a strip mall somewhere and finding himself with a newly shaved head in boot camp a short while later.

But the Marines are a large and sophisticated organization with hundreds of thousands of personnel, and their staffing needs go far beyond front-line fighters.

A recent job posting by the Marines seeks a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) advisor. The posting’s summary reads:

“In collaboration with the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) and the Diversity Review Board (ORB), lead diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts within the United States Marine Corps (USMC), ensure internal and external communications reflect diversity, equity, and inclusion, develop tools and define processes that enable shifting the USMC cultural paradigm for diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

The position is potentially lucrative as well, with a starting salary range of $144,128 - $183,300 per year. That’s comparable to pay for major and lieutenant generals in the Corps.

The principal duties of the position include:

  • Supporting the development of and administering training and education guidance to the Chief Diversity Officer and supporting senior leadership within the USMC.

  • Driving strategic management concepts and principles, including assisting with the development of Marine Corps policy, supporting the USMC's mission, vision, values, strategic goals, and objectives.

  • Collaborating with the DRB Secretariat, the incumbent reports to the CDO who has oversight and responsibility for development and implementation of USMC-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion management programs.

  • Supporting the assessment of diversity and inclusion program effectiveness; designing and leading implementation of process improvement initiatives; and providing executive level consultation.

The rough and ready image of the Marine Corps may seem at odds with efforts to promote DEI efforts within the organization. Indeed, some conservative commentators were quick to criticize the efforts by the Corps to promote DEI. However, the hiring effort reflects an understanding by the Marines—a volunteer force—that those considering joining an organization—any organization—care about how that organization handles DEI and want to feel like they’re appreciated and accepted by their employer.

Those considering joining your organization care about DEI as well. Be inclusive!

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