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"You need to design a diversity and inclusion framework that's general enough to provide consistent guidelines and yet give each market economy freedom that allows them to connect their efforts to drive the localized business growth."

Donald Fan, Senior Director, Global Office of Diversity, Walmart


Current State Analysis & Strategy Development

Most companies try different tactics to build a culture of inclusion. Hit or miss approaches - 'Flavor of the Month' programs - are not enough. Only a comprehensive and coordinated strategy will make inclusion part of your company's DNA.

InclusionINC developed the InclusionSCORECARD® to support the broad needs of organizations across many industries to offer a comprehensive path to make inclusion a core business strategy. It is organized into four distinct quadrants highlighted below. Taken together, the InclusionSCORECARD is part of an integrated and consistent strategy for developing a culture of inclusion throughout the entire enterprise and to align all leaders on key metrics, activities, behaviors and external stakeholder relations.

InclusionINC Inclusion Diversity Training Consulting

The SCORECARD® Intake Process:

InclusionINC utilizes multiple methods to collect data that will inform the SCORECARD®. Those methods are outlined below.

Process Owner Intake

InclusionINC will spend time meeting with “process owners” (e.g. the person responsible for engagement surveys) to understand the current policies/procedures being used within the organization. Information will be gathered about 72 total SCORECARD items across the four quadrants. There are three categories that each item will be rated on:

  1. Are there stated goals and objectives in place?

  2. Are there resources aligned to those goals?

  3. Are supporting practices and procedures integrated into the strategy?

Rationale for Process Owner Intake: These process owner meetings are the best way for InclusionINC to get immersed in what the organization is currently doing from an I&D lens. This information helps inform the rating that each of the 72 items will receive.

Web-Based Survey

InclusionINC will utilize a highly confidential survey software (Qualtrics) to administer a customized web-based survey. This survey will include approximately 50 five point Likert scale questions as well as 4-7 open-ended questions. The information gathered is analyzed in the following ways to identify significant strengths/best practices and areas for opportunity.

  • Overall responses by question (favorable, unfavorable, neutral)

  • Responses by question category (leadership commitment, work environment, etc)

  • By demographic groups (gender, level, tenure, etc)

  • Outliers by demographic group including:

  • Positive disparities (more favorable than overall result)

  • Issue indicators (less favorable than overall result)

Rationale for Web-Based Survey: The web-based survey allows InclusionINC to gather a wide range of employee perspectives (while maintaining anonymity) and analyze where disparities are occurring. This allows InclusionINC to look beyond what policies/procedures are in place and see how the employee perspective aligns or differs. (e.g. there may be a great work/life policy on paper, however, employees do not feel that they are ever able to take time off)

Key Stakeholder Interviews

InclusionINC will conduct interviews with key stakeholders on the leadership team.

Rationale for Key Stakeholder Interviews: These interviews allow InclusionINC to gauge the level of buy-in from the leadership team. These also serve as a way for leaders to express what they believe is most important to be included in the overall strategy.

Focus Groups and/or Interviews

InclusionINC will also conduct focus groups and/or interviews with underrepresented audiences to ensure all voices within the organization are represented.

Rationale for Focus Groups and Interviews: These function as a way of gathering anecdotal information about the organization’s culture and environment. Due to the ability to ask follow up questions, this information is often more in-depth than what is gathered during the web-based survey. The result is an abundance of qualitative information that InclusionINC will include in the synthesis phase.

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