The Learning Over Time® Strategy

Sustainable Inclusion Learning Solutions for Your Organization

The “dip and done” strategy does not work. You cannot have people sit in an 8 hour training once every 5 years and expect behavioral and cultural change to occur. InclusionINC approaches training with our Learning Over Time® strategy; moving training beyond a one-time event to create learning that is reinforced by repeated exposure over time. Our evaluation metrics include Level 3 predictive indicators to show transfer of skills to the workplace.

The Learning Over Time® application methodologies allow clients to reach the maximum number of employees in time-sensitive and cost-effective deliveries. Senior Leaders may go through an instructor-led workshop from our Leadership Curriculum, while front line employees may complete our Core Inclusion Curriculum through e-learning and/or participate in InclusionACTIVITIES led by their managers and supervisors. We work with our clients to customize delivery methods and rollout timelines to best fit their workplace environment and desired learning outcomes.

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