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About Us

For over 20 years, InclusionINC has been linking Inclusion, Diversity and Equity to business. Long before the global awakening and long before it was cool!

InclusionINC is a leading global consulting and learning organization specializing in inclusion and diversity solutions tied directly to client company’s business objectives.

Founded in 2001 by Shirley Engelmeier, InclusionINC set out to evolve the current thinking and business practices of diversity to inclusion, an actionable business strategy that garners direct ROI through greater employee engagement, productivity, innovation and retention as well as a means to sell more goods and services and reach emerging growth markets.
Today InclusionINC works with Fortune 500 companies on a broad array of projects including implementing inclusion as a business strategy to providing learning solutions, training, education, and consulting services.

InclusionINC has a global powerhouse team that meets the needs of our awesome clients!


Jorge Quezada, Chief Inclusionist
Granite Construction

When others only focused on representation, InclusionINC emphasizes inclusion as a business strategy.  InclusionINC's approach to DEI is refreshing, relevant, and business-focused. Whether you are at a conference, a workshop, or are reading one of Engelmeier's books, their message is on point.

Marcus Haymon, Partner
Dalberg Consulting

Our management team participated in InclusionINC's executive development program. The 360 evaluation was truly transformative and the coaching enabled leaders to delve into critical topics and become a better leader of a diverse, global firm.

Elisabeth Nash, SVP Operations
Services Corporation Intl.

As an executive team, we chose to partner with InclusionINC because they actively listened to our needs and provided the best customized solution for us rather than pushing an off-the-shelf approach.

I found InclusionINC to be an exceptional partner and would highly recommend them to any organization looking to create sustainable change in the Inclusion and Diversity space.

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