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Discover Your Unconscious Biases

The lenses through which you see the world may be affecting your business decisions.

Why InclusionINC?

Our Expertise

A confluence of factors, including globalization, diverse demographics, new technologies (“web voice”), and Gen Y entering the workforce, has created an environment where creating a culture of inclusion is a business imperative. InclusionINC’s team has over a decade of experience linking inclusion to bottom line business results. Through our work with fortune 500 clients, we have proven that inclusion is a solution for increased employee engagement, productivity, innovation, retention and reaching growth markets.

Our Solutions

Learning is no longer just for the highest levels of an organization. In the rapidly transforming workplace, creating a consistent message throughout the organization is a key success factor for any learning initiative. InclusionINC provides enterprise-wide sustainable inclusion learning solutions. Our solutions are highly researched, business-centric and focused on building skills and inclusive business behaviors at all levels of the organization.

Our Approach with Clients 

InclusionINC is not your vendor; we are your partner. Through this partnership, we work closely with clients to create the best strategic learning plan for the entire organization. But we don't stop at establishing the plan. We know it can be a challenge to make the case for new learning initiatives, so we equip you to sell and socialize the decided inclusion solutions within your company. Once the work begins, our flat organizational structure ensures that you are taken care of at every step of the process. This structure along with our in-house capabilities, allow us to offer clients an experience where they interact directly with the strategic, design, technology and content subject matter experts that will be working on their customized solution.

Our Learning Strategy

The “dip and done” strategy does not work. You cannot have people sit in an 8 hour training once every 5 years and expect behavioral and cultural change to occur. We approach training with our Learning Over Time® strategy; moving training beyond a one-time event to create learning that is reinforced by repeated exposure over time. Through our multiple methodology approach we are able to reach all levels of the organization with learning that is consistent and sustainable.

In the past, many inclusion and diversity learning has been targeted at the senior leaders and excludes the rest of the organization. InclusionINC has the perfect solution for reaching your mid-level managers and cascading the learning throughout your organization.

InclusionINC believes that measurement and evaluation are critical to the success of your inclusion & diversity initiative. We leverage measurement and evaluation in our training programs, as well as consulting services.


Measurement is Key


Inclusion has the Solution

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