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DEI Naysayers Holding You Back?

Often those “not in the room” are the ones who need the most skills building. InclusionINC’s globally validated inclusion behaviors and business centric approach help get those naysayers on board!

Bias Interfering with


Unconscious bias still interferes with progress. InclusionINC's “If we breathe we have bias™” approach sets the stage in a shame-free way helping mitigate the impact of bias on harnessing innovation.

Need to Demystify DEI for Leaders?

As a result of the global awakening, the acronym of DEI took over. Many leaders still didn’t understand the difference between I&D and the addition of E just further confused them. Our mission is to differentiate and demystify these terms positioning "equity as the outcome"™.


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Jorge Quezada, 
Chief Inclusionist

When others only focused on representation, InclusionINC emphasizes inclusion as a business strategy.  InclusionINC's approach to DEI is refreshing, relevant, and business-focused. Whether you are at a conference, a workshop, or are reading one of Engelmeier's books, their message is on point.


Elisabeth Nash,
SVP of Operations

As an executive team, we chose to partner with InclusionINC because they actively listened to our needs and provided the best customized solution for us rather than pushing an off-the-shelf approach.


Marcus Haymon, 
Partner & Co-Lead of Justice, Equity, and Economic Mobility Practice

Our management team participated in InclusionINC's executive development program. The 360 evaluation was truly transformative and the coaching enabled leaders to delve into critical topics and become a better leader of a diverse, global firm.

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Global Awakening and Overcoming the "Stuck State"

With the murder of George Floyd in 2020, there was a global awakening and  a renewed emphasis on the importance of Inclusion and Diversity. In fact, nearly overnight the language changed from Inclusion and Diversity to DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion).


Despite the renewed focus and language change, organizations of all sizes and across industry are still struggling with how to change the makeup of their work forces. They may make some progress but, inevitably, see that progress stop, even backslide. 

Download the FREE "Overcoming the Stuck State" Whitepaper below!

What's happening on the blog?

"It's about us being able to seek that technological edge - being able to be the game changer. We do that through diversity of thought, multiple perspectives, and an inclusive workforce."
Ken Barrett, CDO, General Motors
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