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November 20, 2019

Generational tensions are nothing new, both in the home and the workplace. They've been around for centuries, and there's little reason to expect complete inter-generational harmony anytime soon. What does change is the generations in question and the specific points of tension. The Traditionalists/Silent Generation thought the Baby Boomers were too rebellious and liberal, both felt Generation X was a "generation of slackers," and now Baby Boomers see Millennials and Gen Z as too entitled and unwilling to "grow up."

Recognizing, and Respecting, Real Differences

Of course these are all broad stereotypes focused only on the negative aspects of what are often very productive and amicable...

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Inclusion: STILL the Competitive Business Advantage

In Inclusion: STILL the Competitive Business Advantage, Shirley Engelmeier continues her contributions to thought leadership on the importance of inclusion in an environment that has been roiled with new discussion--and new dissent--amid rapidly changing demographics, continually emerging technology and a global economy that is continually shifting to favor newly emerging market powerhouses.

Within this framework one thing remains a constant--the need for inclusion. The need to ensure that the varied voices that exist within and outside of organizations are encouraged, listened to and acted upon to drive engagement, retention, innovation--and market power.


Then and Now: the Evolution to Inclusion

There has been an evolution taking place in America over the past several years. Like any evolution it was fueled, initially, by a few passionate voices – ours included. It has occurred in fits and starts and has sometimes lain dormant for a time as other priorities emerged and distracted organizations from a focus that might have yielded significant positive business results.

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"It's about us being able to seek that technological edge - being able to be the game changer. We do that through diversity of thought, multiple perspectives, and an inclusive workforce."
Ken Barrett, CDO, General Motors
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