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Inclusion E-Learning


InclusionE-LEARNING is a series 12-20 minute modules. Each module is built with knowledge transfer, application and evaluation. InclusionE-LEARNING incorporates adult learning​ principles to ensure that knowledge is being transferred and the participant has the skills to apply the knowledge back to their workplace. Level 3 predictive indicators are built in to the​ end of the e-learning modules to measure whether skills are transferring to the workplace and help identify where there may be issues. These modules include example scenarios, interactive personal action plans and review checkpoints. InclusionE-LEARNING Modules are hosted on the client’s LMS.

There are 6 standard e-learning modules in our suite:

  • Conscious Inclusion

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Intro to Unconscious Bias

  • Intro to Micro-Messages

  • Intro to Generations in the Workplace

  • Intro to Cross-Cultural Communication

We also have the ability to create highly customize e-modules to meet our clients needs.



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