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Overcoming the Anti-DEI Ideology:
A Leadership Approach

The anti-DEI messaging that started in fringe media has moved to mainstream alongside state legislation dramatically impacting DEI initiatives. Based on Engelmeier's latest book, this course will address the anti-DEI ideology head on as well as explore the success of inclusion, diversity and equity in a business centric way. At the end of this course leaders will be able to:


  • Clarify the origins of the anti-DEI movement as a cohesive disinformation strategy rather than organic pushback.

  • Articulate how a business centric, outcome-based approach to inclusion, diversity and equity drives business and organizational success.

  • Prepare for difficult conversations with top talking points and factual research to refute anti-DEI rhetoric.

  • Champion DEI as a business strategy within their organization through behaviors, practices and key messaging.

In alignment with our Learning Over Time approach, this program includes multiple learning touchpoints to create sustainable behavior change. Two highly

interactive facilitated sessions are combined with an individual reflection exercise and

follow up activities.

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