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Conscious Inclusion Program

In 2020, we saw a tipping point that brought DEI to the forefront for all organizations. Simply put, DEI went from optional to URGENT! InclusionINC worked hard to develop new solutions and programs to meet the emerging needs of our clients. Conscious Inclusion aims to demystify DEI positioning Equity as the Outcome and focusing on globally validated inclusion behaviors.

Conscious Inclusion

During these interactive virtual sessions, participants will be introduced to the three components of Conscious Inclusion: inclusion behaviors, inclusive practices and inclusive leader skills. They will explore practical application to reduce the impact of Unconscious Bias.


  • Understand that Equity is the Outcome of applying inclusion behaviors/practices with an awareness of our unconscious bias

  • Learn globally validated Conscious Inclusion behaviors and how demonstrating these 5 simple behaviors can impact engagement, retention, productivity and innovation!

  • Apply Conscious Inclusion in daily work: inclusive leadership behaviors, meeting practices, decision making

  • Explore unconscious bias and the impact on our business decisions​, talent acquisition and talent development

  • Focus on Intentionality in Talent Development: mitigating affinity bias, diversifying our networks and utilizing a situational coaching model 

  • Action Plan: Receive tools and resources to integrate these skills into your everyday work

In alignment with our Learning Over Time

approach, the Conscious Inclusion Program

includes multiple learning touchpoints to create

sustainable behavior change. Two highly

interactive facilitated sessions are combined

with an individual reflection exercise and

follow up activities.

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