Inclusion Evolution: It’s About Business.

















Inclusion is a business strategy. Key Employee Demographics Required for Growth™ (KEDRG) places high priority on strategically aligning your employees to specific growth markets within your company. The most competitive companies will retain talent through creating a culture of inclusion whereby they value and listen to the input of their employees.

The Era of Inclusion is here.

  • Your diverse employees understand the unique needs and challenges of new emerging markets.

  • Conducting business in a global economy requires "insider" understanding of diverse markets.

  • Innovation is best achieved through diversity of thought.

  • Inclusive companies have the fastest rate of growth.

  • A new workforce born out of the digital age desires to participate and collaborate in the workforce.

  • Gen Y is the fastest growing workforce segment and excels in an inclusive environment.

While some people think this chapter is over, inclusion is needed now more than ever. As companies compete globally, a U.S.-centric focus on diversity is not enough.

​We’ve come a long way from the days when “diversity strategy” was a numbers game, yet some keep counting. We’re here to tell you that today it’s all about inclusion. The truly progressive and innovative organizations know that when they actively seek and listen to all of their stakeholders—internal and external—they can reap the value of those insights in strategic, business-related ways. Inclusion is all about the bottom line!