Despite Ongoing Effort, I&D Gaps Remain in Many Organizations

For centuries, traditionally marginalized and underrepresented groups and their allies have been clamoring for greater rights, representation and support. But despite significant progress, particularly in recent decades, it's undeniable that disparities remain: disparities in pay, disparities in opportunities and disparities in treatment. It's easy to look at these lingering disparities and place the blame on a lack of empathy among those in power—to say that the people with the influence to change the system simply don’t have the will to do so or, even worse, like things the way they are. But we firmly believe that there is a genuine desire within corporate America for greater diversity and

The ERA: A Law You May Think Is Already in Place, But It’s Not!

The U.S. Constitution does not prohibit sex discrimination! That’s right. Men and women are not required to be treated equally. The Equal Rights Amendment was first passed by Congress in 1972 but only ever ratified by 37 states. How can that be? We are in 2020 – nearly 50 years later—and this hasn’t happened yet? Some Background on the Amendment The ERA is not very well known, and based on some data, a significant majority of Americans already believe there is a constitutional amendment guaranteeing equality between the sexes. But, while there are a variety of existing federal and state laws that offer protections for women, proponents argue only a federal constitutional amendment can provid

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