Will Texas Tech Deal Portend the Erosion of Affirmative Action?

There are a number of reasons we continue to see a lack of diversity in higher education and many professions, despite decades of genuine efforts by countless individuals and institutions to change that. One common explanation is sometimes called the "pipeline effect." Basically, we don’t see as many women in executive positions in STEM industries because they don't enter those industries at the same rate as men. Fewer women at the start of the pipeline ultimately means fewer choices when we want to promote someone to a more senior position. As a remedy for this, there have been numerous efforts to boost the representation of and participation by women and people of color at various stages o

Trolls Try to Discredit Female Scientist's Discovery

In April of this year, scientific history was made in the first-ever picture of a black hole. This represents the first visual evidence that these massive and massively dense space objects exist. In order to capture the image, scientists used an array of high-powered telescopes located around the globe to effectively create an earth-sized telescope. The task also involved a significant amount of math and computer programming. Media outlets reported that a graduate student named Katie Bouman had been instrumental in the success of the project through her work on an algorithm she led the creation of while she was a graduate student at MIT. Such recognition would be great for any scientist, but

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