Test Yourself: Are You an Inclusive Leader?

In our book, “Becoming an Inclusive Leader: How to Navigate the 21st Century Global Workforce,” we offer insights on critical traits that inclusive leaders need to have, or should develop, to ensure that they can engage others in achieving mutual goals and objectives. Here’s the list; score yourself on each item on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being high/positive: Ego management. To what extent are you able to control your urge to be "the smartest person in the room"? Open to a wide range of inputs. Do you gather input from a wide range of diverse sources before forming an opinion or making a decision? Intellectual curiosity. Are you continually attuned to, and positively impacted by, the condit

InclusionINC's 18th Anniversary: Taking a Look Back

Last month we celebrated our 18th anniversary--18 years and counting! As CEO and founder of InclusionINC I'm proud to say that I'm continuing the relentless drumbeat of continuing to drive inclusion as a business strategy. Inclusion means a better bottom line. The world has changed since we started in 2001; we’re pioneers in the inclusion space and have experienced a series of milestones in the past 18 years. Although we started beating the drum for inclusion back in 2001 there’s still much work to do to bring inclusion to workplaces around the world. We’re doing it! There have been a number of milestones along our journey to help corporate America lead inclusively. In 1992, I was the lead c

Racism Manifesting in Robots

Implicit bias and subconscious racism can manifest itself in surprising ways and in unexpected places. For example, we've written previously about the way unconscious bias can find its way into artificial intelligence—the algorithms for which are, after all, created by humans with inherent biases. It turns out robots may be another surprising source of implicit bias, but maybe not in the way you might think. While AI is key to the future development of "intelligent" robots—think mechanized versions of human beings along the lines of C3PO from Star Wars—it's their appearance, rather than their AI, that has some observers worried. Robots Have Race? One of the key assumptions of these observers

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