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InclusionINC's 18th Anniversary: Taking a Look Back

Last month we celebrated our 18th anniversary--18 years and counting! As CEO and founder of InclusionINC I'm proud to say that I'm continuing the relentless drumbeat of continuing to drive inclusion as a business strategy. Inclusion means a better bottom line.

The world has changed since we started in 2001; we’re pioneers in the inclusion space and have experienced a series of milestones in the past 18 years. Although we started beating the drum for inclusion back in 2001 there’s still much work to do to bring inclusion to workplaces around the world. We’re doing it!

There have been a number of milestones along our journey to help corporate America lead inclusively.

Today, after 18 years of going strong we’re still fighting the good fight to help organizations achieve inclusion to boost their bottom lines. Inclusion is a business imperative! What are you doing to achieve it?

Our New Book Has Been Released!

In Inclusion: STILL the Competitive Business Advantage, we continue our contributions to thought leadership on the importance of inclusion in an environment that has been roiled with new discussion—and new dissent—amid rapidly changing demographics, continually emerging technology and a global economy that is continually shifting to favor newly emerging market powerhouses. We're very gratified by the positive reviews already pouring in.

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