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Living Inclusion With Intention: 18 Years and Counting

Inclusion matters. It is a call to action. Inclusion is the foundation for fulfilling the promise of our nation’s credo, e pluribus Unum, from many diverse voices, a nation united.

For the past 18 years InclusionINC has supported Fortune 500 corporations, major nonprofits, and civic organizations in creating workplace cultures of inclusion. The benefits for any enterprise are clear: A workplace culture that values inclusion will see higher productivity, engagement, retention and greater innovation.

As the nation looks for ways to unify after an unprecedented political and cultural divisiveness, we continue reminding our current clients and the business community at large that inclusion fundamentally benefits everyone. A workplace that values the perspectives of all employees, acknowledges all employees, and respects the diversity of thought among all employees creates an environment in which everyone thrives and business objectives get met.

The effort to listen, appreciate and engage many voices is a skill to be learned. The human condition is one of making quick decisions-- snap judgments that emerge as part of our need to navigate complex information about people, situations and events. The good news is that Inclusive Leadership can be learned. Inclusive conversations have unique characteristics that can be practiced. A mindset for inclusion can be cultivated with experience.

The national dialogue on race, gender, and social class over the past few years has spilled over into offices, factories, and shop floors. The climate of distrust cannot be ignored. Today we re-commit ourselves to bring these skills to leaders across all sectors. We invite you to visit our website where you can find a resource on understanding the ROI on Inclusion and to follow our hashtag (#BeInclusive) and our social media outlets for inspired stories on how others have fostered their journey to inclusion.

Be inclusive!

Our New Book Has Been Released!

In Inclusion: STILL the Competitive Business Advantage, we continue our contributions to thought leadership on the importance of inclusion in an environment that has been roiled with new discussion—and new dissent—amid rapidly changing demographics, continually emerging technology and a global economy that is continually shifting to favor newly emerging market powerhouses. We're very gratified by the positive reviews already pouring in.

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