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Happy Anniversary: 19 Years and Still Fighting for Inclusive Workplaces

July 17, 2020, marked the 19th anniversary of InclusionINC! It’s been a journey that has included several milestones and much success. But, unfortunately, there is still much work to do to bring inclusion to workplaces in America—and globally.

A look at our journey.

1992 – Denny’s agrees to pay more than $54 million to settle lawsuits filed by thousands of black customers who were refused service or forced to wait longer, or pay more, than Denny’s white customers.

1994 – My esteemed colleagues and I worked for two and a half years to help Denny’s correct the ills of its major class action lawsuit.

1996 – Diversity + Inclusion = Business Success. Our journey begins.

2001 – InclusionINC is born. Our brand promise was highly focused on the critical importance of inclusion as key to business success because it was clear, even then, that diversity by itself was only part of the story.

2011 – Research into global inclusion behaviors that impact productivity, innovation, engagement and retention

2012 – Development of the InclusionSCORECARD and the release of our first book, Inclusion: The New Competitive Business Advantage.

2013 – InclusionINC coins the term “Key Employee Demographics Required for Growth.”

2017 – InclusionINC’s Shirley Engelmeier delivers TEDx talk at the University of Chicago. In it, she outlines how we can adopt simple behaviors and habits to make our world more inclusive, and better understand the value of having different voices, experiences, and ideas.

We’re still fighting the good fight to get more organizations to recognize the value that inclusion represents for their bottom lines. We look forward to the point when it won’t be optional for companies to make inclusion central to their business. Inclusion is a business imperative!

2020 – STILL overcoming the "stuck state." A new decade and the same challenge, although amplified now as the frustration with the status quo reached a boiling point during unprecedented times. We introduced our new white paper "New Decade, Same Challenge: Overcoming the 'Stuck State' in February 2020; today it's more relevant than ever!

Join us in our continued quest to bring inclusion to the workplace–to leverage the brains and beliefs of the increasingly diverse employees we need now, more than ever, to continue our quest.

Inclusion matters!

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Are you tired of workplace diversity training that does not link to business? Are you tired of tactics that don’t drive business results? InclusionINC has inclusion training solutions and strategic consulting that link inclusion to employee engagement, productivity, innovation and retention, moving inclusion beyond tactics to a critical business strategy.

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