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Are You Looking at Issues Through a Multitude of Lenses?

When I'm faced with a problem, I have my own unique way of attempting to solve the problem based on my past experiences, my educational background, and the cultural influences that shape how I look at the world.

This is the lens through which I see the world, so this is the lens through which I approach problem solving.

Multiple Lenses Drive Innovation

But, you have your own lens, as does every employee in your company. These multiple lenses reflect a great value to your organization. The more lenses through which your company can view a problem, the more likely you are to find a unique, innovative solution to that problem.

On the other hand, if your employees have nearly identical educational, cultural and demographic backgrounds, you're likely to find that their perspectives are very similar as well, offering you access to fewer lenses.

Cast a Wide Net for Inclusion

This is precisely why diversity is so important for innovation. If you have a multitude of lenses through which to view your world, you're going to have a multitude of ideas about how the world should, and will, look in the future and how to position your organization to be competitive in that future.

How many lenses are you using to see your world? Be inclusive!

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