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Are You an Inclusive Leader? Take This Self-Assessment

In our book, “Becoming an Inclusive Leader: How to Navigate the 21st Century Global Workforce,”we offer insights on critical traits that inclusive leaders need to have, or should develop, to ensure that they can engage others in achieving mutual goals and objectives.

Here’s the list; score yourself on each item on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being high/positive:

  1. Ego management. To what extent are you able to control your urge to be "the smartest person in the room"?

  2. Open to a wide range of inputs. Do you gather input from a wide range of diverse sources before forming an opinion or making a decision?

  3. Intellectual curiosity. Are you continually attuned to, and positively impacted by, the conditions, events and circumstances around you?

  4. Transparency. Are you open, direct and honest with others?

  5. Emotional intelligence. How well do you perceive emotions, reason with emotions, understand emotions and manage emotions?

  6. Futurecasting. How adept are you at accurately predicting the future and its potential impact on your business?

  7. Humility. Are you able to admit that you're wrong?

  8. Cultural agility. How well do you interact with people from other cultures, within and outside of the U.S.?

  9. Collaboration. Are you able to work inclusively with others, working together toward a desired endpoint?

  10. Accessibility. Do you make yourself available to others and willing to listen to their feedback?

  11. Diversity of thought. How well do you avoid "Groupthink"?

  12. Adaptability. Do you have the ability to assess the conditions and circumstances around you and adapt to change on an ongoing basis?

How are you doing? As we near the end of 2017, there probably couldn’t be a better focus than to work to hone your inclusive leadership skills. Whether interacting with colleagues, customers, superiors, friends, relatives or others, being inclusive matters!

What's your score? More importantly, what will you do to raise it in 2018?

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