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Why Your Diversity Efforts are a Waste of Time (If You Aren't Also Focused on Inclusion)

There are many reasons that we believe that diversity efforts in America, while they have provided some benefit, do not go far enough to impact the bottom line of organizations that are competing in a global economy. One area where we see clear evidence of this is in the recruitment efforts of many organizations that are committed, and rightfully so, in creating a diverse workforce.

But, what happens? Despite their best efforts to seek out, engage and employ representatives of diverse groups that reflect their target markets, they often find that these prime candidates leave after just a short time with their organizations? Why? Because, although they may have reflected categories of diversity the company hoped to boost, once on board they did not feel included! It's not about boosting the numbers of various categories of individuals. That's just the first step. Once on board, these individuals need to feel included. Many don't.

It's not that these organizations don't have good intentions. By and large, they do. The crux of the issue, though, is that they haven't taken time to develop sound strategies for retention beyond their recruitment efforts.

Once on board, your new employees need to feel that they are a valued part of the organization. They need to feel that their efforts and contributions make a difference to the bottom line. They need to feel that they belong.

What are you doing to ensure that your employees feel like they belong and that their contributions matter?

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