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Phyllis Jefferson

Master Trainer & Facilitator

Phyllis Jefferson has worked in the field of Diversity and Inclusion for over 18 years. She has experience in Diversity and Inclusion, strategic planning, solutions, learning, and diversity management; she is certified to coach and provide diversity and inclusion consulting on Learning Overtime Strategy® at all levels of an organization. Strategies are developed by gathering data from facilitating focus groups, one-on-one interviews, phone interviews, web-based surveys, webinars, and assessment data collected from over 300,000 people.

Phyllis's experience includes Diversity Manager for Texas Instruments, serving as an internal consultant and corporate master trainer. As a master trainer and consultant, she was responsible for workshops such as Managing Diversity, Essentials of Leadership Development, Performance Management, Interviewing Techniques, Conducting Effective Business Presentations, etc.  She has certified approximately 500 trainers and trained over 3,500 executives, managers, and associates, in a plethora of industries.  Phyllis has worked with major corporations, government entities, public school districts and nonprofit organizations such as Twin Cities Public Television, Pet Smart, 3M, Denny's, Pepsi Bottling Group, Courage Center, Prudential, IRS, Bank of America, ESPN, COX Enterprise, Inc., City of Irving, RR Donnelley & Sons, Cox Communications, BP North America Pipelines, SuperValu, US Cellular, Select Comfort, and Medica, among others.

As a thought leader in the field of Inclusion and Diversity, Phyllis has been a conference speaker for the Network of Executive Women, Linkage Institute for Diversity &Inclusion (a global leadership development company), Multi-Cultural Forum, and International Society of Diversity & Inclusion Professionals (Global representation of attendees). A few comments from conference attendees and clients: “awesome facilitator”, “very enlightening workshop”, “presentation was amazing”, “phenomenal training”, ”speaker very knowlegible about topic”, “learning was fun can’t wait to take back to my team”, etc.

Her educational background includes a Master of Science and Bachelor of Business Administration.

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