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Jacqui Clelland

Master Trainer & Facilitator

Jacqui Clelland has worked with corporate clients on learning and development initiatives for over twenty years and has focused on inclusion and diversity for the last eighteen years.  Some of Jacqui’s clients on these projects include SuperValu, 3M, PetSmart, Select Comfort, US Cellular, Hewlett-Packard, Knight Ridder, RR Donnelley, Denny’s, AT&T, Bank One, Halliburton, and Coca-Cola.

In Jacqui’s role with InclusionINC, she is certified to work with clients on their inclusion initiatives using, amongst other tools, InclusionINC’s Learning Over Time Strategy®.  This strategy offers clients enterprise-wide learning that is specific to their unique organizational culture.  Jacqui has worked with clients on focus groups, one-on-one and phone interviews, web-based surveys and assessments that InclusionINC has completed with over 300,000 people to determine how best to apply the Learning Over Time Strategy and InclusionINC’s other tools.

As a Master Trainer, Jacqui conducts pilots and train-the-trainer programs to certify client trainers in the learning methodology chosen by their organization.  Some of the clients Jacqui has been involved with in this work include SuperValu, 3M, PetSmart, Select Comfort, US Cellular, Maslon Edelman Borman and Brand.

Over the years, Jacqui has been a speaker at various conferences.  Most recently these include the Linkage Institute for Diversity & Inclusion, the Multi-Cultural Forum and the International Society of Diversity and Inclusion Professionals (at their inaugural international conference in Puerto Rico).

Jacqui brings her own multi-cultural perspective to her work in inclusion and diversity (she was born in England, moved to Switzerland and was raised in the United States from the age of five).  In addition to family background, Jacqui has international business experience having worked for Digital Equipment Corporation in Geneva, Switzerland and La Société SITA in Paris, France.  Both of these experiences added significantly to Jacqui’s knowledge of the dynamics between cultures and the business imperative for inclusion and diversity efforts. 

Jacqui has a B.A. from Boston University with a major in German Language and a minor in Biology.  She currently lives in Atlanta where she volunteers for Compassionate Care Hospice and conducts their training program for Veteran volunteers.

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