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Learning Vignettes


We have developed vignettes as a method of transferring knowledge and demonstrating skills through short video clips. By utilizing these vignettes in all of our learning methodologies, we are able to expose participants to concepts and scenarios in a targeted and concise way, leaving more time for discussion and skill practice interaction.

The vignettes are broken into two distinct styles:

  1. Content Introduction – These vignettes are created using blue and green ‘people’ and serve to instill concepts. These give InclusionINC the ability to reduce what would take 15 minutes as a lecturette to less than three minutes, leaving the trainer more time for skill building.

  2. Scenario – These vignettes give an example of a more real life situation using actors. These give InclusionINC the ability to demonstrate scenarios and, in turn, replace time consuming role playing. Scenarios related to micro-messaging, generational breakdowns, cross-cultural breakdowns, inclusive communication, race, gender, LGBT, differently-abled and religion are available.

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