Leadership Courses

Our leadership curriculum focuses on exploring the business case for inclusion, identifying the competencies needed to become an inclusive leader and building awareness of what is take to create an inclusive organizational culture.

Anti-Racism: Breaking the Cycle with Empathy & Advocacy

Now is the time to educate yourself, actively listen and proactively advocate. It is critical for those in the majority and those in leadership positions to join this conversation. During these interactive virtual sessions, InclusionINC will utilized polling, breakout rooms and large group discussion to engage participants.


  • Create awareness of systemic racism in America​

  • Reflect on their own unconscious bias​

  • Explore how to become Anti-Racist​​

    • Self-reflection​​

    • Educate yourself​​

    • Build empathy​​

    • Oppose​​

    • Advocate​

  • Begin discussion on how to hold each other accountable ​

  • Action Plan

Equity is the Outcome

Equity will result from organizational policies and practices as well as leadership modeling that eliminate barriers for diverse talent. In this session, leaders will explore the Inclusion Behaviors, Inclusive Leadership skills and Inclusive Practices they will need to model to lead the organization toward Equity. They will also delve into reducing the impact of their own unconscious bias as well as systemic barriers in the organization.

Becoming an Inclusive Leader™

A confluence of factors, including globalization, diverse demographics, new technologies (“web voice”), and Gen Y entering the workforce, has created an environment where leadership style and skills must quickly evolve. Employees have an increasing desire and need to participate, be heard, and contribute to the overall business. This has created an inversion of power within the workplace and business leaders need to swiftly adapt to this heightened level of democratization to accommodate this new corporate dynamic and leverage for improved business results.

Becoming an Inclusive Leader serves as a guidepost for business leaders to learn why a different kind of leadership is now required to succeed, define the traits and behaviors of an inclusive leader and finally provide tactics and tools to help them become effective leaders.

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