Public Displays of Bias: Lessons From Starbucks

Earlier this month, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, both 23, entered a Starbucks coffee shop in Philadelphia to meet with a third person to discuss a potential real-estate project. Nelson asked to use the restroom and was told it was only for paying customers. Shortly thereafter, a store employee called 911 to report the two men trespassing, and they were subsequently arrested. Nelson and Robinson were released after several hours in custody, and Starbucks ultimately declined to press charges. Nelson and Robinson are black men. Anyone who’s watched or read the news in the last several days is well aware of the PR crisis this has incident has caused Starbucks. Additionally, the coffee giant

Beyond the Bored, and Boring, Board

Diversity has been a hot topic for decades, and — as you know if you've been keeping up with our blog and social media posts — we've been focused on diversity for some time now. But, what you'll also know is that we don't believe that diversity is enough. It's a starting point, and a very important one, but diversity without inclusion will not generate the business results you're looking for. One area of diversity that's been receiving a lot of attention lately, and rightly so, is board diversity. American companies are woefully behind other parts of the world in terms of the diversity of their board members. Despite the fact that many companies — particularly those in high-tech circles — ar

In the Workplace All Voices Matter

One of the best ways to be inclusive of diversity in the workplace is to hear the thoughts, ideas, and feedback of others. This ensures that your business stays fresh and innovative when creating new or updating current products and services. We talk about listening to those of different genders, races, religions, and other backgrounds; these are the obvious diverse voices among us. But, we are also impacted in the workplace by different personalities. While extroverts are eager to share their ideas in meetings or group brainstorming sessions, introverts may not find voicing their opinions in group settings easy to do. Sometimes introverts can be seen as uninterested or not as invested in t

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