Gen Z: The Global Generation

Globalization has been in the news a great deal since the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders railed against the destructive side effects of globalization with wide-ranging multilateral trade deals like NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) being much derided. Indeed, Credit Suisse issued a press release earlier this year titled “Getting Over Globalization” in which it predicts a more “multipolar” world order may be emerging. While it’s possible that globalization has passed its peak, at least temporarily, that’s not to say that a global outlook has entirely lost its importance. Companies large to small continue to do much of their busines

What Makes Generation Z Tick?

Generation Z is on the cusp of making a big impact on the American workforce. According to Pamela Shadrick, writing last year for the ITA group, “While they’re currently only about 2% of the workforce, they are a whopping 24% of the population. But by 2020, Generation Z will make up an estimated 30% of the workforce and 40% of the consumer market.” Employers seeking to acquire the best talent from within this group need to understand what motivates them. And it’s not just a paycheck. Gen Z Values On-the-Job Training More so than previous generations, Gen Z sees hands-on training and experience as, if not — in some cases — more, valuable than formal education. Perhaps some of this is based on

The Impact of "Fake News" on Unconscious Bias

There has been a great deal of discussion on the topic of fake news recently, particularly in the leadup and aftermath of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In November 2016, the BBC published a story titled “The Rise and Rise of Fake News.” In December 2016, Steven Rosenbaum wrote an article titled “Why the Fake News Debate Gets it Wrong.” In February 2017, NPR’s All Things Considered aired a piece called, “With ‘Fake News,’ Trump Moves From Alternative Facts to Alternative Language.” Certainly, fake news is nothing new. There have always been pranksters and charlatans seeking to deceive the masses. What is new, though, is the increasingly diverse sources of media available in the Interne

Millennials Making Room for GenZ

The generational changing of the guard is a fact of life as old as time. Young replaces old in responsibility, importance, control and culture. Outside of the family, the workplace is perhaps where this is seen most regularly by most people. And the transition is not always smooth. Baby boomers in their time were seen as ushering in a cultural shift. In today’s workplace, the clash of culture between boomers and millennials has been much discussed. But this time around, some predict that there will be far less of a clash between millennials and the group just starting to enter the workplace: Generation Z. Various definitions exist, but most identify those that belong to this demographic as b

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