Shirley Engelmeier, CEO and Founder of InclusionINC, is the author of Inclusion the New Competitive Business Advantage and Becoming an Inclusive Leader: How to Manage the 21st Century Global Workforce.

For over two decades, Engelmeier has advised Fortune 500 companies on creating inclusive, high performance leaders and enterprises. Prior to founding InclusionINC, Shirley held senior management positions in global consumer product organizations Brown & Williamson and Frito-Lay. She is one of the leading pioneers around workplace initiatives that improve business results through employee engagement and inclusion.

Engelmeier has spoken for a wide-range of events and organizations including JM Smucker Inclusion Leadership Event, NSHMBA Executive Round Table, HRP MN, Carlson School of Management, Greater Cleveland Partnership, HRO Today Europe, etc.    

Engelmeier’s highly engaging and straight to the point style appeals to senior leaders and c-suites across industries. Her background in consumer products allows her to speak in business language and from business experience. 

“You have just made the critical link, it’s about business.”

"Engelmeier is a visionary well equipped with systemic and futuristic ways of thinking. I admire her passion and provocative thoughts around diversity and inclusion and inclusive leadership."

“I feel like I just got slapped upside the head. I am going to go back to my organization and make this an urgent issue.”